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DioneOS News

Full verification of the system version for ARM Cortex-M3


Version for ARM Cortex-M3 was tested automatically (full code coverage: all functions, marcos, code lines, conditions, etc.). Tests were performed on STM32L162.

DioneOS for ARM Cortex-M3


DioneOS version for ARM Cortex-M3 processor was released.

Introduction to Multithreading


'Introduction to Multithreaded Programming' has been added in tutorials section

State Machine support.


State machine support has been added to the system. Pattern for state machine coding is defined.

Texas Instruments Developer Network


ELESOFTROM entered Texas Instruments MCU Developer Network. This program gathers companies that develop software for TI MCUs and provide professional services in this domain.

Regular MSP430 supported.


Support for regular MSP430 microcontroller and small code model has been added.

DioneOS release for MSP430x


First release of the DioneOS System. Support for MSP430x and large code model.

Testing Framework used for DioneOS System testing

DioneOS System was tested in environment that consisted of:
- cross-GDB
- OpenOCD server
- JTAG (Raisonance)
- logic analyser
- recording software
- master execution script
- scripts that analyse recorded data and prepare report
The items work in configuration illustrated in following figure:

Master Execution Script
The script controlled a sequence of operation executed during the test and mutual synchronization between started items:
- writing into the flash memory the test program executed on the processor
- starting GDB
- starting the test program on the target
- synchronized start of logic analized recording
- collecting results in files
- execution of analysing scripts and report creation

Running the Test

The Framework works under Linux on PC computer. In order to start the single test a command line interface is provided. The operations were extended to the set of tests, so all test can be started like a script. Next rthe summary report is build and available for evaluation.