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DioneOS News

Full verification of the system version for ARM Cortex-M3


Version for ARM Cortex-M3 was tested automatically (full code coverage: all functions, marcos, code lines, conditions, etc.). Tests were performed on STM32L162.

DioneOS for ARM Cortex-M3


DioneOS version for ARM Cortex-M3 processor was released.

Introduction to Multithreading


'Introduction to Multithreaded Programming' has been added in tutorials section

State Machine support.


State machine support has been added to the system. Pattern for state machine coding is defined.

Texas Instruments Developer Network


ELESOFTROM entered Texas Instruments MCU Developer Network. This program gathers companies that develop software for TI MCUs and provide professional services in this domain.

Regular MSP430 supported.


Support for regular MSP430 microcontroller and small code model has been added.

DioneOS release for MSP430x


First release of the DioneOS System. Support for MSP430x and large code model.

The DioneOS (pronounced /djoneos/) is Real Time preemptive Operating System designated for microcontrollers.
Currently, the system is available for:
- ARM Cortex-M3
- Texas Instruments MSP430/MSP430X.

The version for ARM Cortex-M3 was carefully tested on ST Microelectronics STM32L162. All modules and each line of the source code was checked (including code expanded from macrodefinitions), as well as all conditions and all decisions. Each function was verified if it is consistent with specification, reports errors correctly and throws exception in critical condition. Protection of the critical sections and preemption by interrupt were tested with special care (read more ....)

System Features

System type

- multithread

- preemptive


- maximum priority

- fast context switch between threads

- preemption may be blocked for specific part

Synchronization objects

- mutex (nesting allowed),

- counting semaphore (may be signalled from ISR),

Timing control

- timers

- timeouts in semaphore waiting function

- sleep function


- ring buffers - effective implementation of queue

- events

State machines

- finite state machines support for coding behavior

- unified events defined for commutication

- active state machines manager that performs control over state machines

Memory management

- memory pool - effective allocator, free of fragmentation issue

Debugging support

- signalling events on chip pins (useful when tracking time dependencies and real time bugs )

- critical exceptions for unrecoverable bugs,

- deleted objects marking,


- Many user configurable flags, that affects compiled code of the system

- User assigns processor resources that are used by the operating system

Compatible with Compilers

version for ARM Cortex-M3: GNU GCC

version for MSP430: Code Composer Studio v.4.1