Game desription
The aim of the game is to visit all fields of a chessboard by moving a knight. Each field can be visited only once.
The game has a feature of moving back.

Requirements and Installation
The game requires Java 6 to be installed. In order to install the game: download zipped archive, save it into a directory and uncompress. The game can be started by execution corresponding script. The name of the script depends on operating system that you use.

  WINDOWS: start konik-windows.bat script.
The script requires JAVA_HOME environment variable that should point to java directory. If it is not set, it can be added in the script.
e.g. set JAVA_HOME="c:\Program Files\Java\jre6"

  LINUX: start script
Java program should be accessible by any path defined in PATH variable.

The Game is free and can be used and distributed without any fee under condition that information about the author must remain visible and unchanged. The author provides the game without any warranty nor responsibility of incorrect execution. During the game, the program does not download any content from the Internet (excluding active link described below). Graphic image in the main program window is static one and identifies the company that developed the game. If the user clicks this image or the link in Help window the program will try to open Web browser with the the site of the company that is a sponsor of the game.